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What is required to book a Chicago Limo with VIP Limousine, Inc.?


In order to book, you must call our office within our business hours provided on "contact' page. Have a credit or Debit card ready. All cards are accepted except American Express. We require a 20-30% non-refundable deposit on all reservations.

We strongly suggest reviewing our contract which is located on "contact" page as well before making a reservation with our company.

We provide all of our customers with a detailed contract of their reservation.

How much time do I need prior to making a reservation?


We highly recommend you make a reservation at the latest 72 hours before your pick up for Round Trips or for special occasions, your reservation should be made anywhere between 3 months to a year in advance. We can always provide service last minute if there is availability. However, we can never guarantee that something will be available last minute. Use your judgment. Two weeks ahead is also a great basis for reserving a Chicago Limo.


Where can I see your contract?

Our contract is located on "contact" page, just click on the picture of the two hand shake to view it. By reserving limousine service with as, you are bounded by these terms. Please remember to check out our contract before putting down nonrefundable deposit over the phone. We do not send out contract before we receive deposit over the phone.

I made a reservation to be picked up from the airport. What should I do once I arrive?


If you request an outside pick-up, just call us after you have picked up your luggage and are heading outside. Our Chicago Limousine customer service will direct you to go outside to meet your driver.


Does Meet and Greet Service have an additional fee?


Yes, VIP Limousine, Inc. charges $50 additional for meet and greet service. Plus the customer is responsible for all parking fees.


Is smoking allowed in VIP Limousines?


We have a 0 TOLERANCE policy regarding smoking/vaping cigarettes or anything else inside any of our vehicles. We like our vehicles to be a pleasant smelling as possible for all of our customers.


Should I clean up after myself and my group after being dropped off?


We do not require our customers to clean up after themselves. However, please, keep in mind that

our Chicago Limos are usually picking up more customers after your reservation is over. Please, be courteous and do not spill beer, alcohol, etc. all over the limousine. Our drivers work hard to make this experience as pleasant as possible for each and every customer.


Am I required to tip the driver?


Our Chicago Limousine Service adds a 20% gratuity charge to all reservations. However, this is just the standard and minimum gratuity required. If your driver does a great job, we absolutely welcome additional tips to show your appreciation for getting you and your loved ones to your destination safely.


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